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Things Are Beginning to Take Shape Over On the Eastside

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[The completed expansion of Historic Fourth Ward park, connecting the pond area to North Avenue. Photos by Christopher Martin.]

As the Eastside trail of the BeltLine moves toward its (planned) spring debut, another piece of the "emerald necklace" is complete. What began as perhaps the most stylish (and functional) retention pond ever built, Historic Fourth Ward Park is now connected to North Avenue by both a large cement promontory accented by trees with colorful bases and a field of sod with its own foliage. As you can see in the photos, this area is immediately adjacent to Ponce City Market, the Curbed Award winning redevelopment project that when completed will change the Old Fourth Ward forever, in the best possible way. An interesting detail about PCM recently emerged as well. It's getting really fun to watch the East Side take shape, yes?

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