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As New Centennial Park-Area Attractions Struggle To Raise Funds, Invest Atlanta Steps In

Amid the slow-enough-to-be-in-doubt economic recovery and ever-increasing competition for philanthropic support, the National Center for Civil & Human Rights- a big piece of the new, expanded vision for the Centennial Olympic Park tourist mecca- is struggling. But thanks to Invest Atlanta loosening terms on some TAD funds are allocated to the project, it will continue to move forward, albeit at a slower pace than originally planned. The assistance is particularly crucial because if construction does not begin by June, other project funding is at risk. The NCCHR is not alone in its money woes. Fundraising difficulties have plagued another marquee project in the area- the College Football Hall of Fame. City boosters would very much like to see these projects completed as construction begins on the Atlanta Streetcar, which will ferry visitors from the Centennial Park area through the east side of downtown and the Sweet Auburn district to the Old Fourth Ward and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Site.

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