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The Dyson Hot: Your Answer to the Cold Weather Blues

Conventional heaters have limited settings. Like a watched pot that never boils, they can’t always heat a whole room quickly. Why? Because they use spinning blades powered by an inefficient motor. Let us introduce you to the Dyson Hot™ fan heater, the sleek, bladeless answer to your woes.

How does the Dyson Hot™ fan heater work? Air is accelerated through an aperture. This creates a jet of hot air that passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channeling its direction. Surrounding air is drawn into the airflow, amplifying it 6 times. What does that mean? The Dyson Hot™ heats the whole room faster than any other.

The best part? The Dyson Hot™ can be used as a fan to cool you down just as easily as it heats you up, so it can stay in your room year round (plus, it looks really good).

The Dyson Hot™ will be your new best friend. Sounds good, looks good, feels good. >>