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A Reminder That Even Brookhaven Lived Through the 1970's

It's a little difficult to conjure images of the luxe and rather proper section of Brookhaven that surrounds the golf course of the Capital City Club in the 1970's. Sure, one can look at pictures of Jack Nicklaus at the Masters circa 1975 for cues on the look of the golf lifestyle. But it's just hard to picture disco key parties and shag carpeting invading the green fairways and stately traditional homes that dominate the area. Today's On the Market offers some perspective of what contemporary architecture in a preppy enclave looked like then (and now). This big old (6,147 square feet) wood and stone contemporary ranch'ish place gazes at the golf course and generally sits pretty on nearly an acre on West Brookhaven Drive, one of the neighborhood's finest streets. In spite of the generously-sized rooms with high ceilings and white beams and a funky-for-Brookhaven floating staircase, owing mostly to the decor, the place maintains a fairly traditional feel inside. Whomever buys the house will have to spend substantially to update the kitchen and splash some color onto all of that white. But the dirt under the house is valuable (and plentiful) enough that such investments are likely be re-couped. And make the place a quite comfortable place to live in the mean time. It's all yours for $1,300,000.

· 64 West Brookhaven Drive []