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$8.75 Million? The Mysteries of a Historic Roswell Estate

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Just a block or two west of historic Roswell's Canton Street near the Swallow at the Hollow there lies a 16 acre estate. A piece of land that large anywhere near a commercial district is bound to be valuable; this particular spread also boasts a large, restored 1857 house as well as a guest house. The 'big' house boasts some amazingly cavernous spaces with great exposed beams and paneling, and the integrity of the original design appears to have been preserved in the renovations. But we're still struggling to see why this place should cost $8,750,000. The Roswell Historic District is lovely and irreplaceable. And as shown in the photos, this is a grand Southern homestead. But unless this land could eventually be subdivided and developed, the price is a total stumper. What are we missing?

· 109 Goulding Place, Roswell [Harry Norman]