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One Year In; Plead For Midtown; Food Fight; Sexytime; Apptastic

This week's top dish from Eater Atlanta, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

BUCKHEAD—The Eater universe posted its monthly feature One Year In, where Eater sits down for a chat with chefs and owners of spots celebrating their one year anniversary. Eater Atlanta talked
with Chef Todd Mussman, "Business Dude" Ryan Turner, and Chef Chris Hall about local food and authentic hospitality at Local Three Kitchen & Bar.

MIDTOWN—While Creative Loafing's dining editor and restaurant critic Besha Rodell was on holiday, editor-in-chief Eric Celeste penned
a quest for the "barstaurant" he says midtown sorely lacks. Though none of his faves qualify as the quintessential "must-visit neighborhood joint," Celeste does have hope for upcoming spots like The Lawrence, The Spence, and Campagnolo.

EVERYWHERE—Lead dining critic for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution John Kessler took aim at "The Perils of Online Ranting" and sparked
a mini-war with blogger Foodie Buddha in the process.

CITYWIDE—Eater launched its annual Hottest Chef Competition, where sexy chefs will battle it out in nail biting heats and final elimination rounds. The winner will go on to compete nationally. But first, Eater Atlanta needs
your nominations now.

And on iPhones everywhere, Atlanta Magazine launched its Dining
Guide App.