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The Biggest Deals Of (the Average) Year That Was in Atlanta Residential Real Estate

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Like the years immediately preceding it, 2011 is a year that most everyone in the residential real estate business, had a house to sell or generally has some aspect of their lives pegged to the housing market would like to forget. Foreclosures were in abundance, hopeful sellers far outnumbered willing buyers and the general stink of a years dormant economy seemed to hover over everything. But life went on for some folks, including the much-ballyhooed 1%. The Atlanta Business Chronicle published a handy-dandy piece (with slideshow!) on the most expensive residential real estate transactions of 2011. With the exception of this paragon of class and subtlety in Cumming, all of the whoppers took place in Buckhead. There remain no shortage of homes with price tags of $5 million and above. Here's to a slew of big closings in 2012, and a veritable tidal wave of a trickle down to those listings below.

· Slideshow: Top Atlanta house sales of 2011 [Atlanta Business Chronicle]