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Congratulations Inman Park, Winner of the 2011 Curbed Cup

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In what will be a surprise to no one who followed this tournament of neighborhood excellence, Inman Park has bested the competition in convincing fashion and as the Best Neighborhood in Atlanta, now possesses the coveted (fake) Curbed Cup trophy for 2011. We congratulate Inmanians on their victory. Though there has been some grumbling on the comment boards and in the e-mail, the mobilization of the Inman Park hordes in the voting process is a pretty great testament to the strength of the community that exists within the neighborhood. And whether you're a history buff, aesthete, foodie, walker or fan of festivals, one must admit Inman Park is irreplaceable. As a representative of the best the City of Atlanta has to offer, we could certainly do a lot worse! Can Inman Park be bested in 2012? Time will tell! Thanks to everyone for their votes and enthusiasm.