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A Glance at the Piedmont Park Restoration

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[Images of the significantly spiffed-up Piedmont Park, including the Magnolia Greenway, which replaced a parking lot. In addition to the bocce ball courts, arbor and grass fields, the area will eventually have a carousel. Images courtesy of the Piedmont Park Conservancy.]

If it has been a couple years since you've been to Piedmont Park, you're in for some very nice surprises on your next visit. In addition to enlarging the park significantly, the city and the Piedmont Park Conservancy (working from a revised master plan approved by City Council back in 2006) have made some huge improvements to the park, benefitting both the user experience and the environment. Among the numerous projects completed in the past couple of years, folks can now enjoy a (much) bigger and much improved dog park, the Legacy Fountain (which replaced a green waste dumping site) and the completely remodeled aquatic center. With the completion of the BeltLine's Eastside trail this spring, the Park will be connected by a multi-use trail to the Old 4th Ward, Inman Park, Cabbagetown and other east side communities, allowing for untold new ways of exploring and enjoying intown Atlanta to be discovered.

· Park Restoration | Piedmont Park Conservancy [official site]