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An Eyesore & Huge Waste of Visibility, Space on Piedmont

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Pretend you're a real estate developer and listen to the pitch: large, flat multi-acre lot on one of Atlanta's best known thoroughfares; the old Shoney's currently there is ready to be scraped away. Adjacent to major public transportation hub and within 1/2 mile of two major highways. Surrounded by big box and smaller in-line retail. Within a couple of miles of literally thousands of apartments that traverse the socio-economic scale. Backing up to some of Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhoods. And the area lacks a grocery store and pharmacy. Intrigued? We're honest brokers, so also the hair: traffic gets congested on Piedmont (upside: lots of eyeballs on your signage). There's a lot of empty retail space around, including next door and directly across the street. MARTA owns the large empty lot next door, and we're not aware of any plans they have to build anytime soon. All of that said, surely there is some higher and better use for this land. So, owner "GAPR1 LLC," put this up for sale or Please Build Here.