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The Occupy Movement Organizers May Want to Have a Chat With Their 'Occupy Cobb' Affiliate

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The seething populist outrage of the Occupy movement made its way to Marietta yesterday in the persona of Occupy Cobb. Their mission? Stick it to the banks and the man by protesting the monthly foreclosure auction on the steps of the Cobb Justice Center. So was it crazy? Throngs of screaming people, colorful signs, drums, shock troops shooting tear gas? Angry confrontations with ultra-conservative Cobb County residents ready to beat down on some dirty hippies? Um, no. Apparently, the rally was slated to start at 10am, but the ten (10) Occupy Cobb protesters didn't actually make it until about noon. When they attempted to disrupt the foreclosure auction with train whistles, they were threatened with arrest, which they politely declined, opting to quiet down and move to a nearby sidewalk. The whole thing wrapped up around 1pm. Among the descriptions of the reaction to the tiny mob: "giggles." Probably not what these guys had in mind.

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