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Atlanta Architects Get To Play With Porsche in California

Amid all the hoopla and excitement surrounding the announcement that Porsche will build a new North American HQ in Jacoby's Aerotropolis redevelopment of the Hapeville Ford plant, you may have missed the news that an Atlanta architecture firm got a dream commission from Porsche in California. Porsche Performance Centers- high-tech test tracks where you can learn to fully appreciate the majesty of your Porsche's engineering and capabilities- already exist in the U.K., Germany and China. In addition to the one that will be located adjacent to Porsche HQ here, they're building one in Carson, California, and Atlanta firm Cooper Carry got the design nod. The renderings above are fairly preliminary, but given that they're placing the center in a visible location at the intersection of the heavily-trafficked 405 and 110 freeways, the facility is likely to be beautiful in that cold, highly-engineered style unique to ze Germans. Speaking of which, the Curbed Atlanta Editorial department is still waiting on the donation of a Panamera for staff use. Who would we talk to about that?

· Cooper Carry [official site]