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Project Update: Town Brookhaven Turning the Corner?

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It was touch and go there for a while for Town Brookhaven. Breaking ground in late 2007, megalithic Florida-based developer Sembler's massive mixed-used development on Peachtree Road ran head-on into the economic downturn and housing collapse. As national retailers were beginning to scale back and both homeowners and renters were running for cover, Sembler pushed ahead with demolition and construction on their 54-acre site near Oglethorpe University on Peachtree Road. And while the apartment residences of Alexan Brookhaven and The GoodWynn opened and began to steadily fill, for a couple of years the project was a vast, lonely sea of red clay and concrete.
Fast forward to late 2010 and into 2011, and the retail elements of the development began to take shape. Costco, Publix, LA Fitness, Marshalls and CineBistro all opened, along with a mix of sit-down and fast casual eating options in what can best be described as quasi-open air food court. Residents and visitors alike can now choose from Noche, Slack's Bar and the Flying Biscuit, among many others. With the demand for rental housing skyrocketing (a third mid-rise apartment complex was announced last spring), and businesses like Tom Catherall's Noche reporting strong numbers, it would appear Town may have turned the corner. -with Scott Barr