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3+ Years On, Midtown Neighbors Still Waiting To See Dewberry's 'Uptown' Take Shape

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'Please Build Here' comes to you today in part based on a reader tip. Former Tech QB John Dewberry has proven to be among the canniest real estate developers in Atlanta partly for his timing and willingness to hold properties through the wild rides of real estate cycles. Though this hasn't always endeared him to his neighbors (particularly in Midtown), it's at least part of the reason Dewberry Capital not only made it through the most recent downturn, but emerged strong enough to snag one of the city's highest profile distressed deals back in the summer of 2010. Dewberry's focus and holdings in Atlanta are centered on a new district he aims to create in north Midtown near Ansley Park at the site of the former Rhodes Center called 'Uptown.' His holdings there include the old Shell station pictured above, which now has its gas pumps removed and sits fallow, waiting to be re-purposed. Like many others, we'd love to see this site combined with Dewberry's other holdings in the area and turned into some kind of high-density, mixed-use development that will populate the no-man's land that exists between Brookwood Hills and Midtown. It will get done, the question is when.