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Brookwood Hills House May Be Our Favorite Listing in Atlanta

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Tucked away in a shady enclave on the south side of Buckhead near where Peachtree Road begins to jog slightly east into Midtown, Brookwood Hills can be easy to miss. Which is probably another selling point of this 90-year old neighborhood full of gorgeous architecture and known for its tight community. This particular specimen- a Tudor Revivial built in 1926- is a lovely example of what can be found behind the understated stone columns that welcome one into B.H. We're struggling to find words to describe how much we like this house, and also to find anything we would change about it. The quality of the restoration combined with the timelessness and sophistication of the decor are in complete harmony. And while the luxury features and finishes of the kitchen and bathrooms can be found in any million-plus listing these days, the manner in which the stone, wood and fixtures have been blended into the home's environment borders on the sublime. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and two half baths, perfectly apportioned living spaces and an outdoor space worthy of Tuscany or Provence. Truly a bargain (for someone) at $1,649,000.

· 45 Brighton Road [Atlanta Fine Homes]