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Streets Alive 2.0 Draws an Estimated 20 Large

There's something inherently liberating about meandering down the middle of Highland Avenue with no fear of being plowed by leased Beamers and/or city busses. Before the crowds swamp in, there's a Walking Dead-like quietude that can only be described as mindboggling in car-infatuated Atlanta. And, just maybe, that experience is why Atlanta Streets Alive has been an unmitigated triumph on this happening thoroughfare. Twice.

Early estimates peg Sunday's attendance at 20,000 or more bicyclists, walkers, joggers, rope-jumpers and colorfully costumed oddballs. That's up from the estimated 13,000 at the similar springtime event, which wasn't a massive loop because the Eastside Trail, well, was a rebar-heavy construction zone. Organizers, as the Saporta Report notes, are aiming to bring the pedestrian-friendly party to Peachtree Street in Midtown come springtime.
· Atlanta Streets Alive — a lively Sunday of car-less streets filled with people [SaportaReport]
—Josh Green