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Spacious Intown Two-Bedroom For, Uh, $145,000?

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Here's a 1,200 square foot condo in the red-hot Old Fourth Ward, all but in the shadow of Downtown's spires. It has two bedrooms, two baths and 10-foot ceilings. Built in 2006, the interior is slick, and bereft of the fixer-upper drawbacks one might expect for the asking price. Which is, uh, $145,000.

The catch? Red-flag Realtor lingo for this section of the neighborhood — "up-and-coming" — gives an indication that the building's proximity to Boulevard and Bedford Pines might leave some potential buyers feeling uneasy. But with initiatives in place to revamp the beleaguered Boulevard artery, and to revitalize other pockets of the neighborhood, this flat could be a less-risky bet than others.
· 384 Ralph Mcgill Blvd NE, Unit 110, Atlanta, GA 30312 [Zillow]
Josh Green