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Fox Theatre Institute Releases Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook

Preservationists and historic homeowners, this one's for you: The Fox Theatre Institute, the only comprehensive theatre preservation organization in the country, has partnered with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and The Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Natural Resources to release a handbook on preserving historic properties in Georgia. Titled the Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook, the 214-page guide came out of a gap in resources for theatres in Georgia and explains guidelines, regulations, resources, and up-to-date information for those interested in diving into a residential or commercial preservation project.

In addition to providing the resources needed for a preservation project, Fox Theatre Institute Carmie McDonald hopes the guide will educate people about the positive environmental and economic impact of preservation. "It would take years and years to offset the environmental impact of demolishing a building," McDonald explained to Curbed Monday afternoon, citing the adage that the least expensive building to build is the one that's already there.

The guide is a free download on the Fox Theatre Institute's website.
· Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook [Fox Theatre Institute]
Sujin Headrick