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What's Faster, Driving or Taking the Beltline?

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Atlanta has long been a car-centric city, but the Eastside Beltline's opening today is providing residents of nearby neighborhoods an alternative to the car. Despite the possibility of sitting in traffic, is the car still a faster option?

Justin Gray at Fox Atlanta put the Beltline to the test with a 2.25-mile trip from Inman Park to Piedmont Park. A jogger and a bicyclist took the Beltline, while a driver took the most direct route by car. The results are promising: the bicyclist finished in less than half the time of the car. More impressively, the jogger also beat the car, though the driver encountered traffic and had to find a space to park. Point: Beltline.
· Can the Atlanta Beltline make your trip faster? [Fox Atlanta]
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