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Location, Location, Location: Monroe Drive Edition

Some houses get noticed before they go on sale, making their appearance on the market a welcome surprise for buyers. This home on Monroe Drive is one such specimen: before a few stints on the market this year, it hasn't been up for sale since it was built in 1984--though given the price, that sale may have been for the land. Personal reasons aside, one can understand why the homeowners might not want to give this place up. This two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, two-story home features a fenced-in yard, an airy and spacious layout, and a location near the Midtown and Virginia Highland border, not to mention a certain "ooh, pretty" factor. Not everyone can handle living on Monroe Drive, but for those who can, the house is yours for $300,000. Happy people-watching.
· 875 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30308 [Zillow]
Sujin Headrick