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The Good Fight Against Glenwood Retail Project Has Begun

When Fuqua Development filed plans last month for a 155,000 sq ft retail anchor along with additional neighborhood retail space, Wal-Mart was one of the first chains to jump to mind. Neighbors expressed concern over limited return to I-20 as well as the irresponsible development of an urban neighborhood on the Beltline.

The fight has begun. A petition has popped up on, asking the City of Atlanta to stop the development and asking Fuqua Development to consider community input as the development has with other cities. As of this writing the petition needs thirty more signatures to reach its goal of five hundred. Meanwhile, the local Neighborhood Planning Unit, NPU-W, has expressed their opposition to the project and have been seeking support for its opposition from the other NPUs, citing poor neighborhood development on the part of Fuqua. The gloves are off now, folks.
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Sujin Headrick