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Early Halloween Fun: Guess What Happened In This House!

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Signs there may be something wrong with a house: you see it's a foreclosure and there is only one picture on the listing.

This home is a Fannie Mae foreclosure in Kennesaw priced at $84,900 and has only one picture in MLS.

Area Realtors report the following

· Everything is painted black including the bathtubs, there are security locks on every room in the house.
· Speculation of what went on there includes college frat house gone bad, brothel

Because the house is so dark and black it will not show any definition so no one who has attempted was able to obtain any pictures of the inside that would do it any justice for this site.

If you have any information on this weirdo place let us know. Maybe the prior owners were just security conscious goths?
· 222 Castleair Dr NE [Zillow]
—Kevin Morrow