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GSU and KSU Students Live "The Glamorous Life"

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Tales of college life used to include accounts of roach infestation, moldy refrigerators, antiquated bathrooms and dirty mattresses.

Not in metro Atlanta it appears.

Dorms at both Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University have been named on the "10 Public Colleges with Insanely Luxurious Dorms" list by The Fiscal Times.
Georgia State University - University Commons
Students (most of them freshmen) at this gated-community complex of 8- to 15-story apartment buildings get a fully furnished private room in a suite that includes either two or four bedrooms and one or two baths. Each suite comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a living room. Bedrooms are wired with high-speed Ethernet, a high-speed voice link, and cable TV--wifi also is available throughout the complex. There's also a convenience store, mail delivery, health clinic, and 24-hour security. "? We also have some of the best views in Atlanta," one resident told the school newspaper. There are people who pay thousands of dollars to get views like ours."

Kennesaw State University - University Village Suites
This freshmen-only complex, built in 2008, offers students their own furnished bedroom and the option of their own bathroom. Each suite has a small common area, counter space, a mini-fridge, and a microwave. Community kitchens are located throughout the complex, plus internet and cable. There's also an art gallery, a restaurant and café, a coffee shop, and a convenience store.

Maybe now we know why Ryan Reynolds in the campus comedy Van Wilder didn't want to graduate and know the real reason Rodney Dangerfield went Back To School
—Kevin Morrow

Georgia State University

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