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Epic Development Sells Their First Modern Home in Atlanta

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Modern Homes have traditionally never been a very popular style of home in any part of the Atlanta market. There was that brief flurry of activity in the late 1970's of cedar sided California/Soft contemporaries that turned out to be a passing fad in areas like East Cobb and Stone Mountain but that passed quickly as fads tend to do.

Local homebuilder Epic Development is not only testing the water with a modern esthetic at several infill projects in the primarily eastern part of the city but is starting to wade a little further in to the pool with additional homes now under construction.

Their first Modern Styled home built in The Old Fourth Ward was recently completed and has already sold and closed. In fact it sold for over the asking price of $389,900 price and the contract was in place almost two months prior to completion.

The next Eric Development homes will be in Candler Park, Brookhaven/Lynwood Park and Druid Hills.
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—Kevin Morrow