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Historic Restored Townhome in Roswell for $599K

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Often in Atlanta any trace of history is destroyed to make way for progress, whether it is a highway, office park or shopping center.

This townhome priced at $599,000 is an exception.

The Bricks located in the historic section of Roswell, began life as apartment buildings for Mill Workers in 1840. The buildings survived the burning of the nearby mill by Union forces during the civil war and were eventually renovated in to luxury townhomes in 2006. With design and execution overseen by local architect Lew Oliver known for many Traditional Neighborhood Style Developments throughout Metro Atlanta.

Each townhome consists of a portion that is part of the original building and a part that is new construction that while not an exact match to the original, pays homage and blends with the original structure.
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—Kevin B. Morrow