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$899K Showplace with Wacky Tacky Decor in Druid Hills

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Ah, Druid Hills. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 'hood's tranquil, linear parks and wooded lots were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the famed co-designer of a more rectangular park in Manhattan. Owning an eight-bath, brick showplace in the heart of these hills is possible, for $899,200.

Income potential is high for this four-level monolith, with two separate apartments on the bottom level. The eclectic décor clouds the home's potential in Realtor photos, but an updated kitchen and gorgeous hardwoods shine through. An added perk: Impressing guests by pointing out that the home in "Driving Miss Daisy" is just down the street. Boggles the mind to think this "magnificent" urban neighborhood was conceived as "one of the finest period suburbs in the Southeast," the Druid Hills websites boasts.
· 1103 Clifton Rd NE [Zillow]
—Josh Green