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"Sportsplex" to Neighbor Atlantic Station?

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The idea has been volleyed about that Atlanta is lacking in organized sporting facilities to accommodate both an influx of families, and the post-clubbing, deep-rooted married types whose kiddos can't exactly play street hockey on Ponce de Leon. But lest we forget the stargazing sports dynamos who need places to play, too.

Enter: Odyssey Sports Atlanta's "Sportsplex," a proposed recreational facility in Midtown that would cater to elite athletes with hopes of making pro rosters. The recreational facility would be developed on an industrial site next to Atlantic Station, and would include an Olympic pool, hockey rink, two lacrosse and soccer fields, 10 basketball courts and 11 tennis courts. The proposed site basically sits behind Target and is a stark reminder of what the land beneath AS used to look like.
· "Sportsplex" planned next to Atlantic Station [ABC]
—Josh Green