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APD Wants You (for 15 minutes)

First the Atlanta Police Department announces they've nearly reached their magic number of sworn officers — 2,000, a goal since the late 1990s — to make the city a wonderland of crimeless prosperity (or thereabouts). Now they want to know what
you, Atlanta denizens, think of them.

The department's top brass himself penned a press release urging Atlantans to stop mourning the Braves' abbreviated postseason and fill out a Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool. The online survey, according to APD Chief George Turner, collects information about the department's practice of community policing and keeps all input anonymous. "This is not a test," the release states, "so there are no right or wrong answers." The end-goal is to identify what cops are doing right in our communities, and to red-flag what they could be doing better. Turner says completing the assessment takes 15 minutes. Deadline is Oct. 22.

Head over here:
And you'll need this:
Agency Pass Code: GAAPD00-C1
· Help APD, Participate in Community Policing Self-Assessment [Patch]
—Josh Green