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Neighbors Tackle Another Mural, Calling it "Satanic"

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Big public art projects have had a rough go of it lately. First there was the outrage in August, caused by a mural in the Chosewood community depicting a woman in progressive states of undress until, alas, her dress morphed into a wolf at her feet. The work of a professional street artist called Hyuro, the mural was near a church, mosque and day care center. Some viewed the buck-naked woman as pornographic. It was vandalized and eventually painted over.

Now another project from the Living Walls initiative has been obscured by paint-weilding neighbors, who decried the serpentine image (which incorporates alligator and shark heads) as "satanic." The mural took French artist Pierre Roti a month to complete, but some members of the Pittsburgh community say they were never consulted about the artwork, and argue it lacked proper permitting. GDOT joined volunteers who were trying to strip away paint and rescue the mural this past weekend.

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