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Are Falcons Tailgaters A Bunch of Barbarians?

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Tsk, tsk, Falcon Fanatics. That sums up the outcry from leaders in Castleberry Hill, who say tailgating revelers are acting like a bunch of trash-spewing, public-urinating animals before the Dirty Birds play at the Dome. They're using the term "biohazard" in reference to leftover trash. You'll apparently find more beer cans in the neighborhood's bushes than Matty Ice interceptions on the field Sunday.

One Castleberry Hill neighborhood association member told CBS Atlanta she's asking the city and its beloved team to step up, enforce ordinances and effect changes to the ugly scene. The trash, she says, can linger for days. And when it comes to public urination, she's allegedly got the pictures to prove it: "It is routine," she told the news station. "We conducted a survey and nearly half of our citizens have observed someone whipping it out and going in the middle of a parking lot in a residential area." Tailgaters interviewed by the station told a different story.
Tailgaters cause problems for Castleberry Hill neighborhood [CBS Atlanta]