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Strip Club Annexation Ruffles Feathers in Doraville

Though it's relatively hush-hush, Atlanta's exigent convention and tourism industry has long been bolstered by what many view as a big-league strip-club scene. Hell, one afterhours institution on Piedmont Road landed in Motley Crue's 1987 paean to strippers, right before the chorus. But feathers are ruffled when such businesses encroach, as some foresee being the case in Doraville's future. The city wants to expand its borders along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard come Jan. 1, and will by extension annex a strip mall — and a strip club across the street.
WSB-TV caught up with residents angered by the proposal, who fear changes to Doraville's laws for sex-oriented businesses — more specifically, reduced licensing fees — might open the proverbial door for more clothes-tossing emporiums. While nude lounges dot nearby Buford Highway and unincorporated DeKalb, the club (unnamed in the report, but in the vicinity of a certain tropical-themed hangout) would be a first within city limits. "It doesn't bring the right crowd, but at same time, it does bring profit to the city," one man told the station.

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