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Fast Train to Savannah: Pipe Dream or Viable?

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If you've imagined the three-hour-plus haul from Atlanta to Savannah shaved to a mere 75 minutes, consider yourself in the company of Mayor Kasim Reed and a slate of powerful Georgia dignitaries before him. The Saporta Report takes a retrospective look at high-speed rail pipe dreams dating back to a 1985 visit by eventual Gov. Zell Miller to France. Accompanied on that trade mission by then-Mayor Andrew Young, both leaders gushed over a swift trip via rail to Lyon. They enthused that a similar system could lay tracks here. Then not much happened for a quarter century.

President Obama's fervor for high-speed rail initiatives has buoyed those former visions again, and Reed has been anything but quiet in his support for an ATL-Savannah rail line, telling the Commerce Club this month, "We can create a trail of prosperity between those two regions," the site reports. If the cities were connected with a modern train capable of 200 mph, the Atlantic Ocean would be just over an hour away, potentially deflating the common complaint that Atlanta's a little too landlocked. Nobody's foolhardy enough to think the project would be easy. But could the stars be aligning this time?

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