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DeKalb School Board Holding onto $18 M Worth of Property

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DeKalb County school officials are hanging on to a property that, five years ago, was the subject of some controversy between nearby residents, the school system and a commercial developer. Sembler Co. proposed building stores, restaurants, offices and homes there during the boom, but the economic crash ruined the plans. Recently, the Superintendent proposed selling the property again but it was voted down. The land in question includes Adams Stadium and some of the school system's adjoining land near the clogged intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarcliff roads.

With other North DeKalb high schools bursting with students, board member Paul Womack said, "that campus is the only campus that we have in the middle of DeKalb where we can build a future school." He said it was recently appraised at $18 million. · DeKalb school board holds onto valuable real estate [AJC]