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$5K Price Cut for Cabbagetown 3-Bedroom

Deep and cavernous like a gutted shotgun shack, this Cabbagetown three-bedroom looks scrunched from the street but opens up surprisingly well inside, encompassing 1,975 square feet and 3.5 bathrooms. With front-to-backdoor sightlines, it's the definition of open-floor plan, the emphasis being on sleek. Two of three bedrooms, according to the Realtor, qualify as masters. Naysayers can dog the after-dark safety of Cabbagetown, but there's a tight-knit charm to this area of the nabe, which is a stone's throw from the eponymous park. A $5,000 cut this week has brought the ask down to $345,000, in the neighborhood of its purchase price the year after it was built in 2006. Be mindful of comps before pulling the trigger. · 174 Estoria St SE [Zillow]