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Face-off: Which Site Better Suits a (Potential) Falcons Stadium?

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Let's face it: With backers like Gub'ner Deal and Mayor Reed, a new Falcons stadium is all but a foregone conclusion. So, if/when a new roost rises, where should it go? While the Georgia World Congress Center Authority taps a pricey consulting firm to determine the best of two sites (South vs. North), we've decided to poll our astute Curbed readership. Please expound on your decision in the comments. Or bash both sites.

Let's have a look at the options. First off, there's the SOUTH: The Gulch/MLK/Northside Drive site. This is just south of the Georgia Dome and has gained steamed since it was revealed as a potential stadium location earlier this year. Here, the retractable-roof coliseum could be essentially linked to a planned bus/rail terminal and proposed mixed-use complex. It's close to existing MARTA, Phillips Arena and the lion's share of Atlanta's tourist attractions. Cons: Not as much surface parking for tailgating as the alternative; capturing the city's skyline with the same panoramic oomph would be next to impossible; and certain land would have to be acquired.

Secondly, we have NORTH: Marshalling Yard/Northside Drive/ Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard. There was talk of keeping the Georgia Dome and building an open-air, soccer-friendly stadium here, on a site called the truck-marshaling yard. It's a more expansive, tailgater-friendly property, and it sits higher, allowing for more encompassing skyline views. Plus, the GWCCA already owns it. Cons: It's a hike from MARTA, the GWCC campus and the core of downtown.

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