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Positive News On the Small Parks Front

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From our Bureau of Minuscule Greenspaces comes positive news about two small parks in high-profile places. One's an entirely new creation in Virginia-Highland, the other a rechristened pocket park tucked among the monoliths of Buckhead. A three-year fundraising campaign (and $50,000 donation from Park Pride) is paying dividends in the form of New Highland Park (corner of North Highland and St. Charles), which lends the Atkins Park commercial strip a needed dose of greenery. A grand opening for the park is planned in March. A few punch-list items remain, but for all intents and purposes, the park is ready to rock.
And in Buckhead, a small plot with a few boulders beneath a hulking oak tree has been dedicated to honor late civic activist Marie Sims — a champion of neighborhood causes at Atlanta City Hall. Writes the Buckhead View: "Those who knew (Sims) say she was a giant influence—not only on city officials and city government—but on those she met and tapped to work on behalf of neighborhood causes and a better city of Atlanta." The pocket park sits at the corner of Kingsboro and Oak Valley roads, and it's part of Buckhead's largest undeveloped land holding — a Wells Fargo Bank-owned, 16-acre property envisioned for office/residential towers girding a "central park" concept.

· Small Buckhead pocket park dedicated to honor former Atlanta civic activist Marie Newton Sims [Buckhead View]