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Atlanta's Cheapest Home Lists for $10. Seriously.

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Have sour times convinced you that homeownership is out of reach? Friends, we beg to differ. For less than a movie ticket, or the equivalent of four MARTA trips — hell, the price of the shrimp burger at Flip — you can fancy yourself the proud owner of this two-bedroom, one-bath condo a short drive from downtown. Consider it a low-risk financial adventure!

Redfin scoured thousands of listings and determined this condo in the Grove Park area, due west of Georgia Tech, is the cheapest property for sale in Atlanta. The ask is $10. Now, being realists, we know this isn't quite the Ritz, what with the apparent fire damage and plywood motif over the windows. And, let's be honest, a secretive seller and extreme dearth of interior photos is typically a red flag. But consider this angle: The Atlanta-based zombie-apocalypse craze has reached epoch status, and after a few interior touchups, there's bound to be a buyer jonesing for that "bunker feel" when the market fully rebounds. Google street view shows that a rather docile community surrounds this place. Could be the best 10 spot you've ever spent.
· 873 N EUGENIA Pl NW #2 [Redfin]