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Rustic Lake Lanier Estate Fetches $2M at Auction

Last week, a little green chute of positivity sprang from the luxury real estate market at Lake Lanier, where a rustic waterfront estate sold for $2.09 million at absolute auction. That's the first $2 million-plus sale at Atlanta's most famous swimming hole since December 2009, according to Grand Estates Auction Company, who cited an appraiser. The winning bidder, a commercial real estate exec from South Florida, swept in by helicopter, took a quick gander, and bagged the 8,200 square-foot outdoorsman's palace on 400 feet of shoreline. In addition to two floating docks, the property includes 4.7 forested acres and a bonus 3,000 square feet of outdoor living space. Ten other registered bidders went home dejected. [Grand Estates Auction Company]