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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Poncey-Highland vs. (7) Grant Park

The Curbed Cup, Curbed Atlanta's annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, showcases eight seeds vying for our sacred fake trophy. Voting for each contest is open for 24 hours. Today, the bracket pits swingin' Poncey-Highland against stately Grant Park. Let the eliminations begin!

Poncey-Highland fetched the second most nominations for this year's Curbed Cup, and understandably so. Dotted with historical landmarks — and geriatric strippers — the 'hood is Atlanta's second most walkable, according to Walkscore. Its roughly 1,800 denizens can stroll to an eclectic slate of watering holes and restaurants, ranging from sleek (Two Urban Licks) to I-can't-remember-what-I-ate-last-night-casual (The Majestic Diner). And what theater in the state has more personality than the Plaza? Knocks against PH could include affordability (the median sales price of existing homes is more than $370,000) and Blondie's occasional reluctance to autograph boob-crushed cans.

Straddling Interstate 20, Grant Park is a well-preserved example of Atlanta's historical architectural aesthetic, this tapestry of Victorian-era mansions, perky cottages and century-old bungalows. The centerpiece is the 131-acre namesake park, home to the zoo and the awesome oddity that is Cyclorama. It's scenic streets are pretty much a — gasp! — sensible grid. Like other neighborhoods in the tourney, Grant Park has seen its roster of boozing/eating destinations multiply in recent years, with the addition of popular hangs like Octane Coffee, The Republic and beer-centric Augustine's. Detractions could include a dearth of retail in the area, and public schools.

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