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Bracket Review: Atlanta, Meet Your Final Four!

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As hundreds of votes poured in, Curbed Cup 2012's first round saw close-ish contests, and these four 'hoods stand triumphant. But don't let holiday feasting muddle your neighborhood pride. The tourney — that is, the quest for Curbed Atlanta's prestigious fake trophy and one year's worth of glory — resumes on Wednesday.
As the Curbed Cup 2012 opened, scrappy Cabbagetown (8) waged a good fight (33 percent of votes) but powerhouse Old Fourth Ward (1) marched on, after garnering an insane amount of nominations.

The next contest saw Decatur (5) put a whooping on higher-seeded Buckhead, gathering 69.9 percent of votes. One commenter took umbrage with the contestants themselves: "Neither of these belong on the list. They are both suburbs. Plus, Decatur is its own city." Nominators saw differently.

Inman Park (3) dropped a roundhouse (65 percent of votes) on its cosmopolitan cousin, Midtown, in a contest we thought would be closer.

In a relative nail-biter, Poncey-Highland (2) edged Grant park with about 60 percent of votes.