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Which is Atlanta's Neighborhood of the Year: Old Fourth Ward (1) or Inman Park (3)?

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The battle for our sacred fake trophy and a year's worth of glory has come down to a friendly face-off between neighbors. Who should win the exalted Curbed Cup 2012 — last year's champion, Inman Park, or the top seed and leading nominations getter, Old Fourth Ward? Here's the deal: Voting is open until noon on Jan. 2. One vote per IP address. So tell your neighbors, and let the final elimination begin!


In Curbed Cup 2012's first round, reigning champion Inman Park (3) dropped a roundhouse (65 percent of votes) on its cosmopolitan cousin, Midtown, in a contest we thought would be closer. In the semi-finals, Inman Park snatched 72 percent of votes and pounded its neighbor Poncey-Highland (2). Again, a bigger margin than expected.

Scrappy Cabbagetown (8) waged a good fight (33 percent of votes) but powerhouse Old Fourth Ward (1) marched on last week, after garnering an uncanny amount of pre-tourney nominations. The next contest saw Decatur (5) also fall to O4W, gathering less of a voting percentage (32) than Cabbagetown.

Could the O4W's heralded transformation into a living/dining/partying hotspot catapult it to glory this year? Or will famously tight-knit Inman Parkers again reign supreme? Vote now!

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