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Which of These Failed Mega-Projects Was More Awesome?

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Two decades ago, these skyline-altering Midtown projects sputtered. Unfortunately. They join an exhaustive list of overhyped Atlanta office and condo towers that never materialized (here's looking at you Aquarius, Trump Towers and Mandarin Oriental). But which project would have worked better, looked cooler, thrust Atlanta more onto the national stage — without being too much? That's your decision to make.

Promenade (nonexistent Towers I and III)(left above)
You may recognize the second-tallest pup of this cubist litter, Promenade II, which has stood at 691 feet over 15th Street since 1990. It was actually planned to reach nearly 200 feet higher, but was scaled back during construction due to a collapse in commercial real estate markets. Its mirror-image partners (each with highly reflective glass and ziggurat-like tapering spines) were never built. The trio would have provided Midtown's skyline serious oomph. The land was later slated for a Santiago Calatrava-designed Atlanta Symphony Center, but the more recent economic collapse slayed those ambitions, too.

Spring/Peachtree Street Mega-Project(right above)
Honestly, the intel department is a bit wanting on this one. Scouring the Internet for information on what exactly this was and who (ambitiously, foolishly, etc.) planned to build it has been fruitless. Please share the background, if you have it. This mammoth complex appears to have been slated for land north of the Bank of America building, in the area of West Peachtree and Peachtree, incorporating the Biltmore Hotel. Would have helped level out Atlanta's patchy skyline, for sure. (A special nod to Atlanta Models & Exhibits, who designed these wonderful mini-depictions).

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