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$4.7M Pad on Prestigious Londonberry Road

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This $4.7 million gated estate on the enviable grounds of Londonberry Road does a swell job of balancing tasteful, modernistic design with sheer gaudiness. And then there's — surprise! — a big smiling visage of Ronald Reagan upstairs and 16 paintings of Chairman Mao in the living room (the message: penny-pinching is good, human rights are overrated?) Custom-built for an undisclosed moneybags in 2005, the five-bedroom, seven-bath manse has soaring cathedral ceilings (and giant curtains to match), master baths for him and her, a two-story study, a 10-seat theatre and heated floors. Ostensibly, some sort of lucrative profession would be required to make the estimated $16,600 mortgage. Otherwise, there seems no viable reason to leave.
· 200 Londonberry Road [Estately]