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Morningside'ish House Summons Contradictory Feelings

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This house is interesting, but yet, kind of uninteresting. It's near a great part of town (Morningside), yet not quite in this part of town (it's technically in Johnson Estates). The house itself is desirable, by all appearances a solid renovation of a 1939 original. But some aspects of the house are not that desirable...the glorified galley kitchen and attic master suite, for example. It's a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath that the broker babble declares "priced to sell" at $745,000. But we wonder if that price is actually going to get it sold, given some of the competition. In the end, we could envision a great life in this house. But another part of us envisions becoming quite complacent in this house over time. How does it make you feel?

· 1801 Homestead Avenue [Harry Norman]