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An Immaculate Bungalow in Cabbagetown Beckons

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Trolling the interwebs for interesting listings day in and day out, one can get a little jaded. But today our spirits are rejuvenated after getting acquainted with this tight package in Cabbagetown. We honestly don't know that we've seen a more livable design in a while. The 3 baths and 3 bedrooms are spread over 2313 square feet and the place was designed with an extremely deft touch for combining style and comfort. The front porch is incredible, all of the bathrooms are fantastic and the kitchen is a cook's/entertainer's paradise. That the listing has been up for 114 days may be indicative of a slightly high list price ($375,000) for the neighborhood. But the house is worth it...the location and quality of this abode is going to make someone very happy.

· 200 Estoria Street SE [Estately]