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Have You Thanked Steve Nygren For Serenbe Lately?

Most people hope to leave some kind of positive mark on the world, and there’s no doubt Steve Nygren achieved that with his spearheading of Serenbe. The story behind this idyllic rural paradise has almost reached mythical status: while Nygren was jogging near his South Fulton home, the sight of menacing bulldozers inspired him to take charge and ensure the preservation of the area’s rural beauty, while at the same time allowing for development in carefully designed hamlets. Put another way, he didn’t want to see the area turn into Alpharetta (his words, not ours). Nygren’s journey up to that point is another tale in itself, and it just goes to show that with the right connections, financial backing, and a great coiffure one man can make a difference. [Saporta Report]