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Georgia Needs Several Transportation Megaprojects

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There's been no shortage of coverage here on Curbed or anywhere else regarding Atlanta and Georgia's significant needs in the transportation infrastructure department. For those interested in the nuts and bolts of the issue as it pertains to the state's capacity to move freight (an important part of Georgia's economy), the Georgia Department of Transportation just released a study outlining both the stakes and the scale of improvements that are needed. The Atlanta Business Chronicle's Dave Williams has a great summary on the study's results (link below), but briefly: funds needed- $18-20 billion. Major projects suggested: widen I-75, I-85 and I-20; build an I-75 bypass around Chattanooga; deepen the Savannah port; link La Grange and Macon via an additional I-75 bypass; add rail freight capacity; add warehouse space near the airport. The multi-billion dollar question: how will we pay for it?

· GDOT: Easing flow of freight won’t be cheap [Atlanta Business Chronicle]