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Dissecting the More Lovable Parts of Atlanta

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A Valentine’s Day-flavored article over at the Atlantic Cities Blog got us wondering, “Where are the most lovable places in Atlanta?” More specifically, which of our public spaces inspire the affections of visitors and residents alike? Like the rest of the country, we’ve never been big on creating memorable spots for the enjoyment of all, and the auto-oriented development pattern that characterizes much of Atlanta has put these kinds of places on the back burner even more so. With that said, we can think of a few places in Atlanta that deserve at least a dozen roses and a card.
Piedmont Park is probably Atlanta’s most obvious heartthrob. There’s so much to love about this century-old gathering place: the prime view of Midtown’s clustered skyscrapers from Oak Hill; the year round events; leisurely strolls around Lake Clara Meer; and the endless entertainment that comes from watching dogs being dogs. Centennial Olympic may fancy itself as Atlanta’s Central Park, but our hearts still belong to Piedmont.

It’s also difficult to resist crushing on the Olmsted Linear Park along Ponce de Leon Avenue in Druid Hills. In a fashion that’s perfect for Atlanta, this emerald necklace is just as lovely to drive along as it is to experience on foot. The initial vision of Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. (Central Park, anyone?) has matured into one of Atlanta’s loveliest visual delights, a perfect synthesis of bucolic greenery surrounded by beautiful 1920s architecture. A stroll along these winding paths at the height of spring comes pretty close to a natural high.

But parks are only one kind of public space - what about our streets and sidewalks? We’re known the world round for Peachtree Street, but there’s really only a few stretches of it that we’d consider worthy of chocolates and a card. Between Ponce de Leon Avenue and the High Museum is probably the most rewarding part of the drag; in other words, the “Midtown Mile.” North Highland Avenue is also a champion of pedestrian pleasure, from Morningside to the Old Fourth Ward. And Carroll Street in Cabbagetown proves that it’s not the length of the pavement that matters, but rather the quirky charm that can be found along the way.

So now we hand the mic to you, Curbed Atlanta readers. What do you think are the most lovable spots in our beautiful city? Declare your undying adoration in the comments section!

· What Makes A Space Lovable? [Atlantic Cities Blog]

Piedmont Park

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