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Modern in Loring Heights, With Decor Subtle and Unsubtle

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Tucked in between Midtown and Buckhead, the 330 single family homes of Loring Heights enjoy proximity to myriad desirable Atlanta locations and a cohesive neighborhood with lovely amenities (parks!). This spacious modern home is notable for both its architecture and some fantastic decor features. First, if you didn't notice, there is a life-size horse lamp the likes of which we've never seen. But the more sublime feature is the Elvis poster looking over the toliet in one of the bathrooms, watching over users and providing a subtle reminder to proceed with caution. It's morbidly funny, useful and just generally great. To the details: 3 bedrooms, 5 baths and 3,728 square feet for $749,000. Thoughts?

· 415 Lofton Road NW [Estately]