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Meh Photos An Appealing Listing Do Not Make

We've always had a soft spot for the Candler Park area...parks abound, the original Flying Biscuit and a Fellini's, proximity to Little Five Points and the Highlands, etc. And the chance to get into a new'ish 3 bed, 2.5 bath place on Clifton for $399,900 would ordinarily perk us up. But in this case, a somewhat average house has been dragged down by lousy photographs. The broker babble talks a big game..."gourmet kitchen," "huge master suite," "wonderful front porch with swing," et. al. But the photos show next to none of these things. And the oversell on the rather cheapy kitchen shown only arouses suspicion. The price was recently chopped by over $25k, but wethinks it's on the way down. Work on it.

· 451 Clifton Road NE [Estately]